Saturday, 19 May 2018

Boat Brushes

I spent a while scrubbing down Patience, getting the old green mould off the gunwhales, sponging the green stuff off the windows and frames, swapping a sponge for a scrubbing brush then an old toothbrush ... and I got to thinking about brushes, as you do. I thought, "We use a lot of different brushes on Patience", which was true. So true that I went in and pulled out a few at hand.

 Here are
  • a broom, best for brushing away leaves from the deck and roof, 
  • dust pan and brush for clearing the ash and burnt area around the stove (we have a car vacuum cleaner for the floor tiles),  
  • two scrubbing brushes for the old green mould, (one with a protective handle so you don't scrape your knuckles, the other in traditional wood), 
  • a toothbrush for getting into those awkward corners, 
  • two sample paint brushes (both for painting, and there are other, smaller, brushes, some angled, for painting). 
Then, not pictured, there's
  • a loo brush (no comment), 
  • small and large wire brushes (for scraping off rust)
  • a washing-up brush and 
  • our own personal toothbrushes.
Where would we be without them?