Thursday, 2 February 2012

Further up the Lark to Mildenhall

In October 2010 we took Patience as far as Jude's Ferry, the head of navigation on the Lark. Today with a couple of walking friends, I explored the two mile stretch of the Lark between Jude's Ferry and Mildenhall on foot as part of a longer circular walk. There is a delightful footpath running along the north bank of the river. Although the Lark beyond the roadbridge at Jude's Ferry looks almost inviting to explore by boat, it wouldn't be wise to venture further with a craft of any size, certainly a narrow boat! The river becomes quite narrow, shallow and winding in places and navigation is further barred by no fewer than two weirs on the way upsteam to Mildenhall and another at Mildenhall Mill (see photo). There is also very little width in which to turn round below the first weir. However, it was a delightful walk on a bright but very cold February morning. We had lunch in the Bell at Mildenhall - a very good value and warming meal!