Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blue Submarine Identified

In a recent blog I commented on the "Blue Submarine" found near Walthamstow Marshes - it could be seen from trains on the Liverpool Street line.
On a visit there I discovered it had left just before I arrived, which was a shame, but the landlord of The Anchor and Hope

opined that it was a lifeboat, which made me think I could find out more online.
And so, here is the solution: it's a lifeboat, and others can be seen around the place if you're curious enough to look. Here's one I found hiding in the Lee Valley Marina:

Visit this page for detailed info about this boat recently sold by the Bristol Boatshed ...

 ... and this one from "Audrey Too"

 ... and this one sold on ebay
and this one, posted to a Canal World Forum:

Orange seems a good colour for a lifeboat, which suggests the "blue submarine " has had a paint job along with a refit. Given the shortage of windows they don't look very comfortable for living in - it may depend on the way windows have been added - but this YouTube clip from Boatshed looks to have a surprisingly comfortable interior!
More Clips
If there are any doubts to its seaworthiness take a look at this Australian News clip which, incidentally, also shows the original multi-seated interior.
Or this clip showing the successful free-fall test launch of a boat.
Or this clip showing what can happen when things go wrong ....