Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Giving Patience an Airing

After the second wettest year on record and several weeks of snow and biting cold, just as I'm about to head off to my regular work, John phones up, points out it's the sunniest day of the year so far and how about coming out to tend to Patience.
And so in comparative warmth, while I dry out the gas lockers and the bilges, frighten away the spiders and open the windows for a breath of fresh air, John dons his scruffiest trousers (ladies look away now!) and jumps into the water tank with a brush and a can of bitumen paint. This is the annual water tank cleansing, to attend to the rust and make it fit for use for the coming year.

Thinking of doing it yourself? 
  • Don't do it alone; it's not easy to get in or out however nimble you may be. 
  • If in doubt have a partner in attendance or at the very least take a mobile phone. 
  • Use a mask when wire brushing the rust. 
  • Wear gloves and old clothes while painting. 
  • Finish the floor by taping a brush to a pole and poking around from outside.
  • Come up regularly and frequently for gulps of air as a break from the paint fumes. 
  • Leave time for the paint to dry with the hatch open. 
  • Leave for a few weeks if possible before filling with water. 
  • Throw the brush away - it's not worth trying to clean it.
  • Go to the pub while it dries - you deserve it!
... and make sure the hatch doesn't blow shut!