Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Welford in Winter

John visited Patience the other day and commented how damp it was around Welford basin.
Patience is reasonably dry inside, but all around is dampness, caused obviously by the weather, the season of damp and short dark days followed by darker nights, but also by the fact Welford is sheltered by high and sturdy trees. Normally this is an advantage but in winter what sun there is is shaded out.
Here's a shot I took on a sunny day last November (yes, they exist). Bright it may be, but the shadows are evident and the trees are clear. In summer of course it's a positive advantage, protected from the wind.

John swept the decks of fallen leaves, cleared the drain holes and ran the engine to pep up the batteries. As the bedding has been taken away to dry storage there is nothing else to worry about, lying as she does in a safe haven.
Happy Christmas, Patience ....