Sunday, 23 February 2014


On a day when the Environment Agency (unfairly criticised perhaps for the flooding on the Thames and the Somerset Levels) announced that strong stream advice was cancelled for the Nene (hurrah! the prospect of boating gets nearer!) I took a walk along the river bank at Ely and found this houseboat.

 and its attractive, if dishevelled, accompanying wooden launch..
I don't know how it got there, whether towed, possibly by the adjacent narrow boat, or under its own steam, but it was good to see someone making a living while on the water.
For the record the business is called Willow Sculptures and more info, including photographs of a wide range of willow animals, can be found at 
The phone number on the website seems to contradict that shown on the board (seen in green on the aft deck above). So it's either 07718 125508 or 07940 188876
Good luck to him.