Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Chief Engineer's Update

The most welcome warmer weather has enabled us to tackle some more of the recommendations from our survey.

We have installed a new gasket on the weed hatch, which has completely eliminated any water getting through into the bilges.

The second (and much less pleasant) job has been right at the other end of the boat. We have wire brushed and repainted the inside of the water tank in the bows with two coats of 'Ruberoid' bitumen potable paint. Not a job that you want to undertake very often! The photos show the tank before and after. This task should only be attempted with caution. A face mask is needed when wire brushing the old paintwork and great care must be taken when applying the paint, as you are working in a confined space. The paint will be left for a week to completely dry and we can then recommission the water system.

Meanwhile back at Patience's Engineering HQ (aka John's garage) one of the new bunks is almost ready for installation. They are designed to be free standing so that we can minimise the amount of work required on site and we will only need to screw them to the floor without needing to drill into the panelled sides of the boat. They have two hinged lids to access storage space underneath. Brass piano hinges were used, which although expensive, are well worth the extra cost. The benches will be installed in Patience as soon as we take delivery of the upholstery, which is being made by Whalin upholstery (see earlier blog).
These photos are © John Coppendale.

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