Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Back Down The Lark

Early mist and bright low sun at Judes Ferry started my long journey back to Patience's home moorings.
Judes Ferry facing south up the Lark
 On the right behind the orange ring is the cut between the old far mooring and near newer jetty. Doing a 3 point into the cut is easier for the boat in the picture than for Patience, which has to reverse past it in a straight line before turning sharply in.
Judes Ferry facing north back to Isleham
 The first section back down to Isleham Ferry was delightful. I saw three kingfishers flashing in front of me and two swans took off and soared overhead.
 A beautiful peaceful day and not a single boat on the Lark apart from Patience.

Back down the Great Wide Ouse and soon I was back at Ely from where it's not far back to The Lazy Otter and our home mooring.

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