Friday, 11 May 2012

Isleham and The Lark

Our plan to go up the Lark to Judes Ferry and stay over at Isleham was first dashed by the unseasonal weather and then by the absence of moorings at Isleham.
Left with spare time on my hands I did a bit of hunting around for information, which seemed contradictory, so here is the position at May 2012 (thanks to the contributors to the GOBA discussion forum, and update your Imray Guide):
The GOBA moorings used to be in the Marina, then were moved to the river, just upstream of the Lock. However they have been closed since 2007 when an uncooperative liveaboard boater refused to move, so GOBA left.
The Marina continues and thrives, with boaters and Lodge owners living alongside each other, cheek by jowl, but there seems little room for occasional moorings. The whole south west riverside is private moorings and the north east side is too high and rough. We were told we might squeeze in at the junction of the main river and the marina's southern river entrance (marked M on the map below)
however from there it looks difficult to reach the road to Isleham (off the map, bottom left) a mile away. The lock is at top left of this view and a path leads along the edge of marina from the lock to the village. So, no obvious alternative moorings at present with access to the village - which is a shame because it has 3 pubs, a Post Office, 5 shops, 3 churches, an interesting old barn, and no doubt the shop and pub owners would appreciate a few extra bodies to eat and drink and shop.
Cue letter to parish council....
A quiet part of the marina with narrow boats and houseboats

Isleham Lock facing north west, the only lock on the Lark
Lodges in another part of the marina
And two last points: firstly, it's not far up river to Judes Ferry (also known as West Row on some maps), where there is free mooring and a pub right by. Secondly, Isleham Marina charges £20 per night for short term moorings (in the unlikely event of your finding one). So take care where you park!


  1. No one seems to mind if you moor at the wash on the approach uptream (RHS)to the lock at Isleham... Many people do. The land is leased from the Parish Council by Thomsons farm,
    Isleham resident.

  2. But the Parish Clerk says: "The Council rents out both the little wash and the big wash and it would be in breach of their agreement both with the tenants and with Defra as the area is in the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme. "
    So it may be that boats do moor up, but that's in breach of the letting agreement, according to the Parish Council.