Sunday, 12 August 2012

Oundle at Last

Leaving Elton we pass through a lock at Warmington, and arrive at Fotheringhay. The beautiful church is smaller than it once was and the infamous castle where Mary Queen of Scots was murdered / executed is a mere mound with a single stump of stone - though with a tartan ribbon tied to it to remember her.
For me this is the classic view - Fotheringhay Church with Patience below. There is an overnight charge of £4 for mooring. Experienced local boaters are wary of strong currents in the central bridge arch and if looking for an undisturbed night's sleep, moor further downstream to avoid the noise of cars that hoot warnings as they approach the hump back bridge.
Eat at The Falcon a gastro restaurant with a good reputation - but check your reservation as Trip Advisor records several booking errors.
Now onward to Oundle, past lovely gardens with patios and garden houses though few practical moorings for visitors. What is it that landowners and local councils don't make the most of potential moorings to attract visitors? More initiative is needed, like GOBA with its 48 hour moorings.
Then it's locks at Perio, Cotterstock, Ashton and Lower Barnwell ...
John operates a guillotine lock with a fly wheel, one of several on The Nene.

... until finally, at 3pm, Patience enters Oundle Marina, her new home, with a warm welcome from Jacquie.
There's a (probably undeserved) sense of achievement at having finally arrived; a feeling of having succeeded despite the wind, rain and SSAs that made a 4 day journey into a 7 week trial. That's Patience. The last three days have been glorious. What a difference the sun makes!

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