Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stratford and the Olympic Site

This week I have been mostly at the Paralympics Village, which is a revelation to me. Along with the amazing wheelchair basketball, goalball and 5-a-side blind football we wandered the very attractive site including a walk by the river Lee. As we travelled down from Cambridge to Stratford we followed the Lee much of the way and one day I really would like to take Patience there. I've already walked the area around Ware and to see the way the Olympic builders have cleaned up the lower stretches whets my appetite even more (though I'm sorry for those liveaboards who were moved on by security concerns, and shocked by the amount the authorities wanted to charge for a couple of weeks mooring during the Olympics).
Anyway here is The Lee from The Village. I like it!

THe Royal Barge is currently moored here too:
But be careful not to fall in. Your chances of being thrown a life belt may be reduced by the mis-spelling at one of the stations ....
 Fine from this bank but ...
... a bit risky from here!

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