Thursday, 3 January 2013

Truly Awash

Boating in 2012 was a trial, with drought up to March and flood thereafter. There are too many blog entries here called "Awash" and "Nene Floods" for my liking!
There's an excellent page from the BBC here showing the rainfall stats and musing on the climate. 
They do rather better than the Met Office to put across complex data for public consumption.
A nostalgic look back on our floods in the eastern region takes me to
May 1st
May 9th
not forgetting the Royal Pageant (very wet in the afternoon)
June 30th
July 13th
November 22nd and pretty well every entry in November!
 Actually it looks as if we did nothing but moan about rain all year!
Here's to a brighter 2013.

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