Monday, 15 September 2014

Whose Blue Submarine?

Have you seen a blue "submarine"?
From the train on the Liverpool Street line, on the river at Hackney, near The Anchor and Hope and adjacent to the bomb crater caused by a bomb that fell on St Paul's Cathedral (defused by Lieutenant Robert Davies  who drove it through the deserted streets to Hackney) there lies a boat the width of a narrow boat but to all appearances a nearly windowless blue submarine.
Who knows anything about it? I'm intrigued!
This photograph is borrowed from The Gongoozler site, taken by by Kathryn Bromwich - to whom many thanks. I haven't yet been able to get to the riverside myself and look at the license or find any other details of ownership - or even the name of the boat.
It is astonishing - and if you know more please contact me!
(Follow-up blog entry here!)

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  1. I later did make a visit but it seemed to have moved on. the landlord at the Anchor and Hope suggested it was a lifeboat.