Saturday, 12 September 2015

Up the Ashby Part 2 Hawkesbury

Stretton is a tight little toll point on the Oxford with a swing bridge and lots of moored boats.

Hawkesbury Junction  and then Marston Junction are key points on the route from Braunston to the Ashby. Both have acute angle turns, with Hawkesbury being 180 degrees and it is at Marston that the Coventry Canal meets the Ashby.

We saw a water vole which recklessly tried to cut across us and only just avoided getting entangled in the prop. From here the way is green with overhanging trees and steep gardens descending to the canal, cluttered with steps, benches and curious figurines.
One place, Charity Wharf, was the most cluttered and absurd place I've seen - a junk yard of dummies, children's play equipment, bits of boats and cars and washing machines. Very weird. Very "Steptoe-by-the-canal".
Lime Kiln Bridge, near Hinkley, is our mooring for the night. The pub, across the main A5, is busy, the moorings are full and we can hear the cars at night, but it's a serviceable stopping place. I'm struck by the sign on the large jar of pickled eggs: "May Contain Eggs". Good to know the Health and Safety Police are active hereabouts.
Good to know also that Mr Engineer is on top form, diagnosing a rattle from the engine as a loose mounting and successfully taking two spanners to it.

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