Saturday, 28 May 2016

Leicester Line - Kilby Bridge to Welford

Back now through the heavy locks south of Kilby, though this time with a jolly little 20 foot cruiser who helped with the winding, while bobbing about trying to avoid being crushed by us in the locks.
We reach Foxton in good time and find there is one boat coming down and we are first going up. So after 20 minutes wait we attack the flight with relish and sprint to the top in just 35 minutes - which is about as fast as it can be done. A triumph celebrated by another pint and a meal at the Foxton Locks Inn as the sun goes down.
Next day is an easy trip back to Welford through delightful countryside in sunny conditions.
After a few small maintenance jobs - John having already tightened up a squeaking belt and now replaced the weed hatch seal we retire to The Wharf at Welford for another very well-priced lunch and the hour-long journey home.
Next we must repaint the stern deck which is flaking in places, paint non-slip powder on the gunwhales and replace the co-ax connectors on the TV which have rusted away. Always something to do on the cut ....

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