Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Farewell to Patience

And so, farewell then, dear Patience.
After ten years of interest, challenge, friendship, peaceful retreat, security and adventure, Patience today changed ownership and we walked away leaving her in her usual home at Welford. Now she's being cared for by Malc while John and I will move on to other projects. Not without regret, we have wonderful memories of adventures (exploring all the Cambridgeshire rivers), mishaps (a log in the prop, acres of weed, a suddenly dead battery), triumphs (our processing along the Cambridge Backs), scenery (everywhere, sunlight and dappled shade, mooring under the church at Fotheringay) and just great pleasure.
Here, in yellow, is where we got to.

If you've ever been tempted by narrow boating, do give it a go. We found that a serviceable boat can be bought for around £30,000. It should cost about £3,000 pa to run including insurance, servicing, fuel, mooring, registration with CRT and general maintenance. We split this between the two of us, which meant half the cost and twice the friendship and support. And I would say, as a clueless mechanic, make sure at least one of you knows bit about engines, plumbing and electrics. That's John.

And so it ends.
And there's no need for John to worry about sudden dying batteries, unexplained engine noises, or water in the bilges.
And there's nowhere for me to retreat to when I need to revive my spirits, nowhere I can cruise contentedly in the green dappled shade or sleep peacefully while Patience rocks me gently to sleep.

Thank you Patience, and goodbye.

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