Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Meanwhile, elsewhere ...

While Patience lies gently at her moorings and we have pipe dreams of the summer to come ... (and blacking her bottom, building bench seating and decorating her lovely steel sides) there seems a rash of narrow boat and canal incidents.The sinking in the Cam I've referred to before, and now from Lothian in Scotland comes the tale of two joy riders who bet they could drive the length of the local canal. Apparently they managed a whole mile on the ice before the car sank. More here.

And in Northamptonshire an unfortunate novice boatman (this could be me ...) found his 65 foot narrow boat wedged athwart a bridge in a fast flowing current, needing several fire and rescue teams to pull it away. More here.
So warning: Beware fast flowing and high waters.

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