Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Everyone's Blogging!

Even though I use computers every day it's only recently that I realised just how many blogs there are out there!
I was just starting to create a list of good narrow boat blogs when I quickly realised first - there are loads of them and second - Granny Buttons has already collected 150 of them - and third there is a list of waterways blogs ranked in order of hits (I'm not confident enough to add Patience yet) and fourthly nbDebden has a constantly updated list of blogspot blogs, even down to the time they were last updated! Makes me feel guilty ....
So if you want to find out what narrow boaters are up to in the winter, some liveaboards and others itching to get back on the water, browse one of these lists and catch up with what's going on.
The ones I've read so far reveal narrow boat bloggers as really interesting, literate people with a wide variety of skills. But I guess you knew that already ....

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  1. Hello from a fellow blogger, who is also a local! We write We are currently moored at Waterbeach, but in two weeks time will be taking up our mooring in the centre of Cambridge. We have often passed the Lazy Otter while cruising the Old West and Ouse, we'll wave next time! Good luck with the boating!

    Amy (and James)
    NB Lucky Duck