Monday, 15 February 2010

The Bridge Continues

Yes the work on Godmanchester Chinese Bridge continues, despite the cold.
I nipped out at lunchtime to see progress today. With the old bridge taken away last week they have delivered half of the new bridge - white and clean and identical to the old one as far as I can see - and have loaded it onto a pontoon fitted with its own crane. That is now resting in the water by the bridge while the workmen top up their flasks and the mayor drives off to another engagement. Yes, so important is the Chinese Bridge to the people of Godmanchester that they have summoned the mayor to check on arrangements.
It would be interesting to see the pontoons being moved into place as I can't spot a rudder. I imagine they'll simply use ropes and lots of men. A bit like the mediaeval cathedral makers, though rather less romantic....

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