Thursday, 29 July 2010


Non-boat users may not be aware but the chimney on a narrow boat has a lid to keep out rain and the flue pipe itself is removable for reducing height under low bridges.
The flue on Patience (left) had at some time in the past been painted green like the rest of the boat but the green paint was peeling off leaving a perfectly good black enamel surface. The brass rings and grab handle had been painted red which was also peeling off and fading.
Having nothing better to do, I took to scraping off the paint and polishing up the brass. Quite successfully actually. And cheaper than buying a new one.
Probably the brass was painted because brass, looking good when polished, is a beast to keep shiny. I promise to give it one more buff then lacquer it to keep it bright.

Here's a pic from Ely Chandlery showing a spanking new flue pipe.
Ours looks a little bit like this (after an hour's polishing ...) But look at the little hook on the side. Is that for anchoring the pipe in a brutal storm? And ours has a double skin, keeping the hot gases separate from the outer decorated skin. Is this normal, or are we posh ?

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