Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Twenty Pence

Monday evening, family out having fun so I head for the friendly Lazy Otter for a very filling baguette and a pint.
A cloudless sky and nearly the longest day encourage me to take Patience out for a gentle stroll down to Twenty Pence Marina. Once there was a pub here, I believe, but sadly not at the moment, so I turn around (in a rather tight spot) and return refreshed.
Anyone know if there are plans to create a new pub at Twenty Pence? I'd visit it for a short evening trip out.
On the way back I pass three young Huckleberry Finn figures in a well-worn cruiser setting alight to a barbecue on a flat area of the river bank. Those guys were really enjoying themselves in the simple life. Not a beer in sight, boat well moored up in the middle of nowhere, just burning a few sausages and having a chat on a long sunny evening. A pleasure to see. Another tale from the riverbank.

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