Sunday, 6 February 2011

London Canal Museum

On Saturday, to the London Canal Museum as a delayed birthday treat from middle daughter. Note that you can claim 50% off if you travel by train (though I think you have to apply beforehand).
In the scheme of things everyone will have their favourite waterways museum, or even favour pumping museums such as the ones below.
What's your favourite?
The National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port or the one at Gloucester Docks or Stoke Bruerne?
Perhaps you prefer Foxton's inclined plane or  the Hay Inclined Plane at Ironbridge.
Or Prickwillow Pumping Station or Stretham Old Engine.
The London Canal Museum is handily placed for Kings Cross station and a fascinating walk along the Regents Canal. You can walk or indeed boat past London Zoo, and end up in Camden Market if you wish.
Or you can simply pop into The Thornhill Arms across the way for an excellent pint of London Pride or The Narrow Boat a few yards away along the canal at 119 St Peters Street.

The museum is uncluttered, though with an interesting archive of old canal films constantly running and when we were there an excellent canal related exhibition of photographs. The rather spartan exhibit of half a trad narrow boat gives atmosphere and a sense of the cramped quarters.

I'm all in favour of traditional narrow boats as shown here but I don't think John and I will be dressing up and grabbing pipes and bowlers for our meandering down the Ouse.
Nevertheless a lovely day with good company, lots to see and eat and drink and talk about.

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