Friday, 1 April 2011

An Incredible Journey

Two weeks ago we journeyed the full 16 miles from the Lazy Otter to the Mill Pond in Cambridge where Patience passed in stately progress past Kings College Chapel.
Now in early April we ventured a little further afield and sailed past the noble Statue of Liberty.  We were lucky that the trip across was quite calm though I confess to a bit of nervousness myself!
And in case you're wondering why there's no-one at the tiller, I'm bound to point out that you can't steer and take a photograph like this at the same time! So of course we used our sea anchor, more usually used in the rivers of East Anglia, while we rowed a short distance away on a small dinghy.
And of course you will ask - how did we get dear Patience over there? So here's a pic of  the Global Bayonne Terminal in New Jersey, where handling a 45 footer like Patience is child's play! See the space to the right of the Winnibego - loads of room!

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