Friday, 15 April 2011

More Boat Poles and Hooks

I wrote once before about poles and hooks and how important they can be.
Now I come across a most curious pole on a boat near our mooring.
What do you make of a pole with a solid cone at the end?
More surface area for purchase in muddy rivers?
Dual use as megaphone?
And how might one create such a pole end?
Any thoughts?

I've also started to notice some poles with an extra flange on one end, a bit like an aircraft tail. I suppose this also helps to stop the pole disappearing into the mud, though it's quite thin and therefore can't have much extra surface area presented to the mud.
One strange coincidence occurred to me. It so happens that this pole (above) has a strong similarity to the ancient trumpet of Tutankhamun. Ridiculous? Just look at this pic and read the associated BBC article.

But no, I didn't try to blow up the pole. Now that would be silly ....

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