Saturday, 14 May 2011

Applying the Primer

Spurred on by the knowledge that we have now had 3,000 hits on our Blog (well it sounds a lot but I guess Google gets that many per second *) and that the hard work of First Scraping was over I maintained my enthusiasm by applying the first coat of primer.
It took nearly 15 minutes of constantly stirring the tin with a specially imported stick to get the lumpy stuff mixed with the wet stuff (how long had it been standing like that? Think geological time, as the sands sink slowly to the sea taking the bones of dead creatures while the waters float effortlessly above) but then I was at it with the brush, spreading primer over the areas I'd anti-rusted yesterday, concentrating on the areas without paint, leaving the good painted areas for a full coat of undercoat later. My thinking is that if I can build up with primer the areas that have rusted and flaked away, one day all the surface will be glassy smooth....
So here's the result of stage III -

 Thrilled and astonished? Well OK, I don't blame you. Yes it does look like a map of the world before the continents split up. Or the Swedish archipelago. And it is quite like a piebald pony skin. And I did have to dance around the wet bits while I painted so I didn't tread on them ... but actually this is what it was supposed to look like. The rusty bits were exposed, the edges feathered, anti-rust applied and now primer added.
Next, a bit more sanding to smooth it down, another coat of primer, then the undercoat followed by the top coat, both applied with a roller for that smoooooth finish. And of course that's just the foredeck. Lots more to be done .... don't mention The Forth Bridge.

* PostscriptI just read that Google gets 34,000 hits per second and a billion per day, though as Google won't tell, and as another source suggests it's 2 billion per day, I reckon they're all just guessing.  Anyway, I'm pleased we got 3,000 ! Thank you!

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