Friday, 13 May 2011

Scraping and Sanding

I've put it off for  long enough. I know Patience needs a re-paint - but she's just so loooong!
I believe preparation is the key to a good diy job but it's also a good excuse for putting off doing the real hard work. I actually try to justify procrastination!
I'd got everything in place - sandpaper, wet and dry paper, newspaper, battery operated sander, wire brushes, wire brush attachment, safety goggles, dust mask, knee pads, anti rust paint, primer, top coat, masking tape, pint of bitter ... it was just the time and the oomph I didn't have. But now I've started, so I must finish.
Today with all the kit in place I scoured the fore deck with the drill and wire brush attachment (safety goggles on, I looked like Biggles). Then after 30 minutes, just getting into it, it just stopped. Turns out my drill drains quickly under continuous use and 30 minutes is all it can cope with. Recharging from the inverter on board took 2 hours - a convenient break for a sandwich, pint of Adnams, a chapter of my latest must-read book (The Information by James Gleick, since you ask) and I nearly managed another half hour until I had to resort to real sandpaper and a hand held wire brush.
Now I have dust in my nails, a faint buzzing sensation in my hands and the knowledge that if I were a burglar they'd never trace me by my finger prints. I also know there's a layer of black anti-rust on the scraped surface of the foredeck and that when I next get a chance I'll be able to prime it then roll on the Donegal Green.
And that will be that! Only two sides and gunwales comprising 45 foot of green, some 45 feet of black down to the waterline, a cream roof 35 feet long, an aft deck, the lockers and hatch at the front....  And somehow to delicately paint the name, number and surrounding border on each side. Before the summer's over.

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