Friday, 10 June 2011

Have You Read Waterways World?

This is an unashamed plug for that excellent monthly magazine, Waterways World (July edition in every good stationers now!).
Why this sudden piece of advertising? Because there is an excellent three-page spread about Patience and her notable journey along The Backs. Regular readers may have seen a taste of this in our blogs about Patience Up The Backs. Well now this beautiful full colour spread is available in print with more info and bigger pics by Patience's string of fine photographers.
So, go out and buy the July edition now - an excellent publication with a most discriminating editor!
... and if you just want to stand in WH Smith and read it, go straight to page 70!
Postscript:  We had a surge of over 1000 hits on our site as a result of the Waterways World article, which is very satisfying for us and testimony to the interest of WW subscribers. Thanks!

(PS Robert Laws describes his journeys here)


  1. Haha, copycats! (WW, not you!) Canal Boat did a very similar article a couple of months ago about OUR trip up the Backs! Still, good to promote that it is possible!

  2. Respectful emulation rather than slavish copying!
    In fact we planned to do it last year but you beat us to it. And we both owe a debt to Robert Laws who wrote about his journeys between 1998 and 2002....