Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hilgay on The Wissey

I drove down from Stoke Ferry, where I'd been told there were no moorings until Hilgay. It was rumoured that there was a single landowner who held the land between Hilgay and Stoke Ferry and would not permit moorings.

So Hilgay came as a pleasant surprise, with a flurry of boats, a lengthy GOBA mooring and some additional green stretches alongside a recreation ground for general visitors. Shops and a garage too.
The GOBA mooring is just yards from the Rose and Crown which boasts food every night except Mondays. From here it's a little over 2 hours by narrow boat to Stoke Ferry and half an hour to  the Great Ouse and thence Denver.
George Manby lived most of his life in Hilgay, famed for his invention of a rocket to send a line to ships in distress. His memorial is in the churchyard.

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  1. Forgot to add: A few weeks later I took Patience, singlehanded, up the Ouse to Hilgay where - thought it was dense with craft - I moored overnight, ate pretty well at the Rose & Crown and left early for a quick circuit of the Denver Sluices before heading back to Ely. A dinky little weekend trip.