Saturday, 30 July 2011

Trolling Banned!

Oh no, just when I had planned a bit of weekend trolling!
Noticed this on the way up The Great Ouse north of Ely. I didn't feel guilty - but then I didn't quite know what I would have been guilty of! Should I support a campaign to BRING BACK TROLLING? Am I relieved that EBSSC have protected me from Trolls? Are Trolls endangered by my cruising up and down river? I just didn't know what to think. Until I got home and Googled it. Maybe you know already ... but for those of us to whom trolling is a novelty here's the answer from wikipedia.

And if you think the answer is a let-down - just Google it again, to find the alternative meanings. Oh ... really?! And here is a very serious article about nasty trolling, from the BBC. Definitely not a joke.

And if you've time on your hands try guessing what EBSSC is. If you think it's a secondary school in Santa Cruz you've been cheating by Googling - and you're wrong anyway!

[Postscript: Trolling, defined as "online abuse" or "virtual violence" is a form of bullying that has hit the headlines in March 2012. This blog entry was written long before I became aware of this and the lighthearted tone of this blog entry reflects that. There can be no excuse for insulting and bullying people online.]


  1. I feel is little disappointed as I had gone to the trouble of setting up a care home for abandoned trolls ... it turns out they can still live under the bridges of the ouse without hassle!

    Thanks for your informative post :)

  2. I just walked under the very bridge and definitely did not see any trolls !?

    1. Ha! That's what YOU think .... Just because they're banned by EBSCC doesn't mean they went away!