Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sail has finally given way to power

With other projects taking his time, including of course narrowboating, John has decided to sell his much loved but, in recent years, rather under-used Mirror sailing dinghy. It was bought 15 years ago, but in the last year or two had spent most of its time in the garage rather than on the water. It was advertised on the excellent web site which specialises in sales of boats of all types. After putting a free advert up on Friday afternoon, he had 5 enquiries and had sold it within 24 hours!
This has released more space in the garage - we now just need to sell the two very comfortable reclining swivel chairs with matching footstools and we might even get a car in there one day! Any takers? [NOW SOLD!]


  1. We just purchased two swivel chairs for our boat... If only I had known...

  2. Ain't it always the way... But spread the word to others! They're a bargain!

  3. Aaaahh! Our family were the first owners of Mirror 18929 from new!We drove up to Bell's to collect it. I cannot remember what year we sold it.
    Many happy memories of sailing her in the