Friday, 13 July 2012

Strong Stream Advice

Strong Stream Advice (SSA) is a valuable service published by the Environment Agency to warn of fast moving water in their rivers. Phone the 24 hour SSA hotline: 0845 988 1188. Choose option 1 and listen to the pre-recorded information followed by one of these quick dial codes:
    •    Nene - 032112
    •    Great Ouse - 033211
Since we left the haven of The Lazy Otter on the Old West River we have made progress only as far as March Marina, having been held up in our progress to Oundle on the Nene by a combination of SSAs and our busy schedules on other matters.
Now we have signed up for the EA's email and text alerts for flooding and SSAs (call Floodline on 0845 988 1188).
Here's the latest:

Wednesday July 11th
From the Environment Agency
"The Strong Stream Advice issued for the River Nene has been cancelled. Locks that were closed to discharge flood water have been re-opened."

Friday July 13th
"Strong Stream Advice has been issued for the River Nene. Several locks on the River Nene are closed to navigation and are being used to discharge flood waters.
The Environment Agency strongly advises against attempting to boat on the River Nene."

Missed the 2 day window of opportunity! We envisage another month or so at March Marina instead of our new home at Oundle.
We dream enviously of our former moorings at the calm and lazy Otter.
Will this downpour never end?!
Are other folks having similar problems? Share your stories!

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