Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rain, rain, go away ....

Into every life a little rain must fall ... but really, this is ridiculous! Patience has hardly left her moorings all year because the briefest periods of poor weather haven't coincided with our free time. We've cancelled several trips and aborted our recent journey to Oundle because of wind, rain and Strong Stream Advice from the Environment Agency.
I said I was a fair weather boater but the stats now prove we've had ... (wait for it) ... the wettest April to June period SINCE RECORDS BEGAN!
Rainfall amounts for this period range from 268mm (Anglian region, where we are) to 427mm in Wales.
Total rainfall from April 1 to June 27 2012 was 323.4 (previous record: 296.5mm in 1931; average 208.4mm).
June was later confirmed as THE WETTEST JUNE SINCE RECORDS BEGAN! with 145.3mm (5.7ins) of rain in the UK.
And on that basis I declare our summer boating a washout! On the other hand it is the wind that has caused most of our problems.
Nevertheless we are going ahead with The Shelford Feast,  we will try very hard to visit Ramsey and Benwick on the Middle Levels while we are confined to (sorry, based at) Fox's Boatyard, and who knows, in September we might be able to break  out and make it at last to Oundle!

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