Tuesday, 27 September 2016

To Oxford! 2. Norton to Napton

Monday 12th September.
Awake early to a world where everyone knows the result of The Great Archers Trial except me. I spend the morning avoiding newspaper reports, Radio 4 chatter and force myself to wait till the evening to listen to my downloaded version. [Spoiler alert: Helen is not guilty!]
Six hours today from Norton, through the Braunston tunnel (trying to avoid losing another navigation light) and locks through Braunston to an inline mooring between locks 13 and 14 at Napton. This gives us a fairly long walk back to the pub at lock 8 but we're well set up to move on in the morning.

The Folly, like most of the pubs we visit on our route, offers good local real ale and never less than adequate food presented by friendly hosts.
Surprisingly, there are two fields of water buffalo next to the canal. A humid night makes me wonder if we are really in southern India .....

12 miles, 11 locks

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