Thursday, 8 September 2016

Union Canal at Linlithgow

I've been visiting Scotland quite a bit in recent years, partly to further my aim of walking in every Scottish county, and September saw me in Linlithgowshire. Now known as West Lothian, its main town of Linlithgow is just 20 minutes from Edinburgh by train and the start of my walk was straight out of the station to the canal basin of the Union canal.
The Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal is at last re-united with the Forth and Clyde Canal at Falkirk by means of the excellent Falkirk Wheel.
The short section I walked was from Linlithgow to the Avon Aqueduct, the 810ft (247m) long bridge 85ft (26m) high over a valley and waterfall. A dramatic sight and well worth a visit, whether by boat, walking, cycle or kayak.
It was a lovely towpath walk which continues to Falkirk (9 miles) though I returned by way of the banks of The River Avon. Well done, Linlithgow Canal Society!
Worth noting, however, how much the renewal of this canal is due to EU funding.
It's hard to go far in the Highlands without encountering road schemes funded by the EU. Little wonder, then, that Scots are keen to stay in the EU. Selfish, perhaps, but surely England got it wrong ....


  1. Lovely walk, I agree.

    But we got the right decision, you'll see!

  2. But 62% of Scots voted to Remain. "A strong unequivocal vote," says Nicola Sturgeon. Meanwhile the English vote was a mere 46.6% for Remain - which no-one could say was strong or equivocal and looks more ill-considered as each day passes.