Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Handover

Today at midday I received the keys to Patience from Alan. It is now officially ours!
Alan has done a fantastic job of  winterising her, draining the water and settling her into hibernation, though we confess that we are very keen indeed to get in and sail away. The fact that today was literally freezing, with the river a layer of ice and snow on the boats in the marina doesn't encourage that.

Alan has swept some of the snow away but the river itself is not hugely appealing today. However the Cam further south has live-aboard narrow boaters and passing them this morning they do look cosy with their chimneys breathing soft smoke into the cold air. There are some live-aboard boaters here too but more have escaped to a family centrally heated house elsewhere.
But yes, today we actually own it, the money having been received, the mooring cheque paid, the safety certificate valid and in our care, insurance active from midnight last night and only the BW license and engine service certificate to come (delayed in the post it would seem.)
Alan has volunteered to re-commission her when the weather is better so we can go over the ins and outs of the water and electrical system, which windlass or key is for what lock etc.
It is hugely reassuring to have an experienced chap like Alan on our side, happy to answer our questions and give sensible advice. He knows the boat and the waters and when we have learned from him we will be sure to pass on the important things to anyone who borrows the boat from us.
Meanwhile Alan has left the boat fully kitted out, with cutlery and kitchen kit included. When the ice retreats and after suitable re-commissioning and a little research we will be ready to set out.
What fun!

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