Friday, 4 December 2009

Learning the skills

While we wait for the survey I've been doing a bit of research to update my knowledge of boat handling. No substitute for actually doing it but good preparation and this should also be useful for training any of the family who want to borrow the boat.
Luckily I came across some useful guidance on WikiHow, so until I can make the definitive guide book for Patience the best place to look is here for managing a lock, and here for how to control a narrow boat.
Useful advice such as: "an arm held out to prevent the boat hitting a lock side will get broken" and "NEVER EVER tie a rope from a boat going down a lock" (because once tight you'll be unable to untie it; either the rope will snap or the part of the boat it's attached to.)
If you prefer YouTube demos you could try this one or this one on getting through locks.
There don't seem to be any video clips for solo boaters (thinks: maybe there was no-one around to hold the camera ...) though I did find a detailed written description of what to do mooring or in locks when you're solo.
The canals and waterways FAQ might be useful too.
Actually any advice is useful before you start out and although we shall no doubt meet helpful people near the locks it would be wise to work out in advance what we should do in a crisis (and thereby avoid it ....)

Later addition: read our series on Narrow Boat Problems And How To Avoid Them.

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