Sunday, 20 December 2009

Survey Results

We've now had the detailed results of the survey, which I'm delighted to say was very thorough (thank you Andy) and positive. Good old Patience!
In summary, she's in good condition, which is testimony to her previous owners' care (well done, Alan!). Now she needs her hull blacking with bitumen, a coat of paint on the topsides and in the water tank, an outlet needs capping (lest water gets in to her bilges and worse), and corrosion should be kept at bay by providing 4 new anodes (see elsewhere) and a galvanic isolator (a what? more here).
All of this is within the usual maintenance regimes so we are assured that dear Patience isn't heading for disaster.

We've agreed a price in line with the survey estimate and expect to take over in a few days. Once we've officially exchanged we'll sort out a maintenance and improvement timetable, getting to know how all the water and electrical systems work and fitting some extra berths to convert her from a 2 to a 4 berth vessel.
Blacking her bottom must wait till the spring, as cold and wet are not good conditions for applying the bitumen. Nor are they good conditions for painting her sides, so the pressure is off for the moment. Maybe a few test sailings (is it still sailing when there's no sail?) to whet our appetites when the weather is a bit warmer. And maybe a few earnest meetings at The Lazy Otter to mull things over....

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