Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Pageant

Though Patience was not in the Pageant (Canal Planner estimates 14 full days to get there from our present moorings, and there are so many stoppages it would be bound to be even longer), I was there to see the stream of more than 1000 boats pass along The Thames at a stately pace.
Stationed near Wandsworth Bridge, with occasional forays towards Putney, we had an excellent view of the area where the mustering took place, before the formal start of the Pageant.

Arriving at 10.30 we managed to see narrow boats go upstream towards their far mustering place before they joined the formal parade. We also saw all the man-powered boats before the rain set in.
Royalist or Republican, there is no doubt this was a Grand Occasion and a unique display of our boating heritage. I was glad to be there!
Oh, and a word for the rowers and paddlers: Fantastic job! The powered boats in convoys had their challenges, but those rowers were on the water continuously for more than 7 hours, through rain and cold winds mostly without protective gear. Well done all!
nb President was built in 1909 at a cost of £600 in Fellows, Morton and Clayton’s company dock at Saltley, Birmingham.
President and another narrow boat,Kildare, are owned by the Black Country Living Museum
More information and evocative photographs at their website.

Pirate Castle


Canal River Trust
Quercus and Beatty, with gondola

Wandsworth Bridge - man-powered boats mustering

From Wandsworth Bridge - man-powered boats mustering

Dragon Boats from Wandsworth Bridge

Just some folks we met on the bridge ....

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